Wedding and Event Aerial Photography

Wedding and Event Aerial Photography; Have a new perspective of your wedding or event with our personal photography services.

We provide Hi-Definition video as seen from above as the bride & groom are arriving and leaving the church. Aerial photographs and video whilst mixing with friends and family ads more to your wedding and event.

If it’s an event, let’s capture the main action from the air. There’s noting like seeing crowds of people enjoying your event from up high. Ideal media for your website and publicity. 

At Calibre photography we are uniquely placed to provide aerial photography for weddings. As CAA certified drone pilots, we are able to take photographs and video of you, guests and venue in a documentary style. We’re limited to a height of 400ft.

 As you’d expect, any aerial work would be dependant on the weather. For more information of our aerial photography, contact us using our contact form, call us on 07976 692632 or email 


If you’d like to consider walk through or aerial photography and video for your wedding or event, please let us know at the point of booking.  We can make the necessary survey for your chosen venue.